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Nature shall live longer.

Quarantine has made everyone sane, were we not insane when we had time to cut down the trees, hunt animals, kill birds, pluck flowers and destroy nature.

Now everything nature wanted is present. She is happy that we have learnt a lesson and if we have not realised our mistake then nature shall shower our lives with sorrow.

Let us now remain calm, wash our hands, eat healthy and utilize this time to ponder upon what good we could have and done and will do.

The fact is that we were in quarantine right when we had decided to cheat nature.

We were insane not when the quarantine began but way before that.

Let sanity persist.


A letter that all bloggers must read.

Dear bloggers,

Hello everyone, hope all are doing fine during this tough period . It seems harsh in my country. Just heard that 2 nurses passed away due to Covid 19 virus but I am not here to spread fear instead, I am here with a plan for seeking new turn of events.

Like many, I believe that this situation has a reason. The universe is giving us a lesson to live a life that has meaning. Let us all start believing that we exist for a reason .

I have made a plan for myself which I will explain to you guys and hope that this letter to my bloggers will motivate and inspire.

I heard a story from my sister. It was about a woman who sold everything she had except a backpack. It was a spontaneous reaction and she says she never had to look back and think about what she did in her near past.

I was thinking hard for a long time, perhaps months about travelling. I love it and I seek to spread my experience with people which is my ultimate dream.

Now the plan sounds simple but I just hope it works out for me. I have decided that its time to say “enough with the inspiration, now let me do it” I found out an organisation that has an experienced team who are automobile enthusiasts and journalists. My job is to write articles related to automobile. Yes, its an automobile journalist job. The thing is that I do not know how things will turn out for me due to the corona virus attack. I do not know whether the job offer exists now. I am just holding on to my hope and that text message that I received from the boss.

If it works out I am going to save money and buy a bike so that I can start travelling. I was thinking of updating the wordpress account to the next level, I guess its called the premium account. I started a youtube channel which i would say needs a lot of work but hey, its you guys who gave me the motivation and inspiration. I have some number of followers which I never even dreamed that I could achieve. I will be posting my travel videos here along with written content about my experience. I wish to meet some people not because of their fame but to acquire experience. I wish to explore my surrounding and the purpose of my existence and know what it means being close to nature.

The work was initially decided to be a work from home kind of a deal but as I said I am not sure of my future.

If you are reading this and understand why I am writing this letter to my friends in wordpress then it means that I have done my part.

The purpose of this letter is to make my bloggers take an extra step and decide about the near future rather than the far future. Near future is defined by me as the things that are about to happen in some time not the long term happenings. It is this time that we have to calculate so that we live a good life or a happy life that everyone of you dream. Its stupid to say that we should live in our present. What I say is that we must decide and make plans for our near future.

If you have come all the way till this last sentence then it means I have done my job. Please comment your thoughts so that I could get new perspectives from a diverse set of audience.

Yours faithful,


Gender can crack some thunder.

Say nothing, say no more, say a little less otherwise it would become a mess.

Say more, say a lot, sat everything otherwise it would become a fuss.

Mixed signals block my cognition, for I am said to be filled with sand and clay. My flesh has no meaning, my body has no name.

I am defined as a women better at being a man. I am a transgender, so can you please say Hi.

I wish to be gender less and gender fluid because after all we are human beings.

PS: “I wrote this poetry by placing myself in an imaginary world with realistic perspectives that transgender women face.”

Are you a conserv(ative-liber)al person? It’s time to check.

My friend blogs about “touch” a very sensitive aspect that we all should follow . Please do read this and share so that everybody is aware of it. Lets


In an era of teaching the girl children about ‘good touch’ and ‘bad touch’, to stop the social crimes happening against them, we have lost the big picture of grown-up persons in our society.

Persons who can balance the conservative and liberal lanes are the ones who can move forward at present. To simplify where you stand, a small recall of your experience is enough.

Girls zone:

Recall your past experience and if you are shy enough to shake hands with a male, then you will come under the extreme conservative category.

At the same time, if you can’t able to resist a person touching at places where you don’t want to be touched by him in the name of friendship, then you will be under the extreme liberal category.

Those who can able to balance the extreme conservative and liberal categories are the real winners here.

Boys zone:


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