All new Ford Ecosport 2018

Ford motors has been producing cars in India from a very long time and it has been quite a successful venture. Today with the production of many cars such as the Ford ecosport and many other products has not stopped it from being known as one of the best carmakers.

Ford ecosport since its launch has been a successful car. It is packed with features and comes with great comfort. The car performs well too considering the Indian conditions.


The car comes with chunky everything. The design is infact compact but made to look a big SUV that is aggressiveness and bold stance. The front portion looks bulky with a nice touch by the grill that has wavy section covered with two vertical lines which has chrome finish and all together bound by the boundary line covered in chrome. The fog lamps looks like a hawk eye with its sharp structure. It is placed well above the usual spot for fog lamps.The DRL, head lamps flows with the front portion of the car. The headlights are swiped back a little to look large like in a proper SUV. The A-pillar continues to extend till the bonnet making it look like a single piece. I have to indeed say the car has good finish. The fenders bulges out a little to make the car look wide. There is plastic cladding in the bottom in the sides which adds onto its SUV personality. The rear of the car holds the spare tyre which adds to the character of the car. The tail light has uniqueness because the rear door handle is integrated within the tail lights and it too is covered in chrome. The bottom section has plastic cladding seen around rest of the car. It has integrated lights too. The diamond cut alloy wheels add to its charm.


The interior is just fascinating with fresh designs from Ford. The body colour continues to be seen in the interior too, on the dashboard. The dashboard is made to feel good with the plastics which are of good quality. There is touchscreen infotainment system with android auto and apple carplay. The seats are covered in leather as well as fabric. The steering wheel feels chunky and has controls mounted onto it. There is automatic climate control and the dials are new. There is push start button which adds on to its features list.


The suspension setup is great for the Indian roads. The ride quality is good and makes the car stand a class apart. The competitors definitely feel the heat due to the cars overall quality. The engine comes in different types which are 1.0litre ecoboost petrol which is 125PS and gives out 18.1km/litre and is mated to a manual transmission. Then comes the 1.5 litre Ti- VCT petrol engine and finally the 1.5litre TDCI diesel engine. All the engines are responsive and great in refinement so its hard to pick one. The diesel version provides good amount of torque and total output. The torque is just right. The car is easy to handle and takes on tight corners. There is no much body roll.

Other features

Rain sensing wipers, sunroof, conquer blue seat stitching, 6 airbags and more.


9.46 lakhs to 14.8 lakhs


One of the best car in its segment. Good quality finish and all round performance but the pricing is just too high comparing its rivals.

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The all new Tata Harrier 2018

Ever wondered of a car that meets the internation standards? Well the first one to truly do it was Mahindra and now our very own Tata has done a marvelous job with the presentation of Harrier.

The car is everything one could ask for but with little essence of different features that one would expect. Its got rain sensing wipers, projector headlamps, cruise control, touchscreen infotainment system and much more but lets start with the design and styling.


The car is based on land rover platform. The design resembles much of the products of land rover but it stops there. The car is a fresh design put forth by Tata. The design is unique and the car has a bold stance to it. The front grill both at the top and the lower bumper section gets a honeycomb touch to it. The headlight is placed below the DRL that is the headlight is at the lower section of the bumper.

The fog lamps come just below the headlights and it is covered with plastic that makes the whole unit look like a horizontally placed triangle. The DRLs are made to mimic the main headlights. By now you could understand that Tata has put creative efforts with the front portion to look unique as i mentioned earlier.

The lower portion of the car is bound by plastic to give a two tone effect and a bold stance. Now from the side, the car looks decent with minimal body lines. The work is done at the lower portion of the car to make it look bulky like that a SUV should look.

The rear again is a piece of art work. The tail lights are sleek and goes smooth in looks with the rest of the body.


The car puts out 138Bhp at 3750rpm and 350nm of torque. The engine does not feel refined enough. Makes a little bit of clutter but that is fine. The transmission is not so smooth with short shifts. The suspension setting is very nice and takes on the bumps and pothole terror, the ride quality is appreciable and there is little body roll which is fine for an SUV. The car gives out good amount of power although it is 33bhp lesser than the current Jeep Compass. There is no AWD which means that the car is limited to only front wheel drive setup but it comes with terrain responsive system which is manually adjusted. There is a knob that selects the kind of terrain that you would like to drive on. The car comes loaded with other features like abs, traction control, hill climb Assist. There is eco and sport mode. The eco mode resists the engine to perform in a certain way so as to save fuel. The sport mode livens the engine to perform to its full potential.


The interior is what this car makes itself stand out from the others. There is good stuff used such as the quality of the plastics is good and the dash is covered with wooden finish. The buttons feel premium and the leather seats makes it comfortable. There is 9 speaker from JBL that adds up to its charm and 8.8 inch infotainment system. There is steering mounted controls like the audio buttons.

There is plenty of leg and head room. You will be surprised to take a seat in the back while you are being chauffeured by someone. The cabin is overall spacious and comfy and to mention, the only thing that it lacks is a sunroof. The car gets 6 airbags that adds up your safety list. The boot space is 425 litres.

Finally the price would be around 13lakhs to 18lakhs.(prices not yet revealed)


Drivetrain: 1956cc with in-line 4cyl engine.

6 speed manual transmission.

L×W×H : 4598×1894×1706mm

Ground clearance :205mm

Fuel tank capacity :50 litres.

The all new Mahindra Marazzo 2018

Every curve and edge of a car matters if one has to consider styling and performance is a product that comes from expertise and hence the all new Marazzo was born.

Mahindra claims that they with the expertise from pininfarina and inputs from its research centers has come up with the idea of using a shark as the inspiration in creating a car that stands separate in its class. The all new Mahindra Marazzo is packed with features, style and performance that has put its competitors into distress.

What’s cool in Marazzo.

The Marazzo is a car that is said to be created with the inspiration from a shark. The front grill, the side creases and body lines and the bulky feel to it is just brilliant. The closest rival for the Marazzo is the Toyota Innova with its crystal design. The car comes with features like touchscreen infotainment with android auto and apple carplay. The system also provides navigation. The best feature of the car is the air vents that are mounted on the top inside the cabin.

The air conditioner works well in keeping the cabin cool with the support of the mounted A/C vents. The digital cluster is very informative and the small screen in the digital cluster provides navigation too. The finish inside is with good quality plastics(not the best) and black panels makes it look a class apart from the usual.The dashboard has glossy finish with beige at the bottom and grey tone on the top part of the dashboard. The switches on the steering wheel makes the car look premium and the access to the third row is very easy with the touch of a button.


The shark like stance of the car makes it look great. The headlights that run smooth with the rest of the body is wonderful. The fog lamp design and the outer coverings looks like the eye of a shark. The honeycomb like grill with tooth like design which is covered in chrome is a nice touch to the cars character. The side panels like the bulky wheel arches adds on to create a big muscular look. The D pillar caught my attention due to the black panel added on to it which shows that the car carries an essence from every angle. The rare taillights are mounted high and runs smooth with the chrome highlight.


The engine is a smooth 4 cylinder, 1.5 litre diesel engine which puts out 121Bhp and 300nm of torque. It is mated with a 6 speed manual transmission and the gearbox is surprisingly smooth. The engine is responsive when you want it to be. Most of the torque comes at as low as 1500 rpm and when you put your feet down on the throttle it easily goes to 3000rpm without any hesitation.

The car handles bumps and potholes very nicely but there is a bit of body roll. The 17inch wheels grab on to the tarmac very nicely and if one tries to corner, it does it without any hesitation.

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The verdict

Marazzo being a multi purpose vehicle meets the demands of the indian customers in terms of performance, agility, comfort etc. The car gets an 8 out of 10 in my chart and is worth buying.

The all new Hyundai Santro – 2018

Ever wonder of a car that fits perfectly for your family? Ever thought of a car that fits your budget framework with specifications that only comes in premium models? Hyundai answers all these question of desires with the all new Santro.

The car maintains its level of success with the customers from a very long time. The new Santro is nothing like the old Santro but is surely better than its previous model. The car comes packed with features that are available outside its segment that attracts everyone.


To begin with the styling, the Santro comes with a new design that one cannot trace back the essence from its previous model. The front grill is integrated with the whole bumper and the fog lamps is placed neatly along both the ends of the grill which might sound ugly but the car in real looks surprisingly good. The grill has chrome finish and adds up to the class. The front grill gives an impression of a smile that the car portrays. The wheel arches are popped out and curved line run upon the wheel arches and flows all the way to the front and an arrow shaped angle is given on the front door. The rear on the other hand has dual tone bumper and has a diffuser like touch to it. There is a line that runs along the window and smoothly ends with a little curve downwards.


The interior comes with two options which is the dual tone beige and all black. The dashboard has decent looks, the quality of the plastics is okay to say but the infotainment system with android auto and apple carplay makes all second thoughts go away. There is reverse parking sensors and camera to assist the driver. The trims around the gear shifter comes in the colour of gold for the beige option and with body colored panels for all black option. The switches for power windows is placed near the gear shifter which is not easy to use while driving. The seating is comfortable. The driver seat provides good visibility and there is lots of head and knee room at the rear. There is rear A/C vent at the rear which is new in its segment. It gets a boot space of 235 litres with foldable seats to give necessary space if needed.

Performance and specifications

The Santro puts up a decent 68 bhp and 99 Nm of torque. The car does not churn out much of its power below 2000 rpm. It is above the 2200rpm that the car becomes active in performance. The engine is a 1800cc, 4 cylinder petrol which gives a top speed of 150 kph. The engine is mated to a 5speed manual or AMT. The car also comes in CNG variant. The suspension setting is good, absorbs the bumps and takes over the beating of potholes. The ride quality is good and the steering is not perfect to say but gives confidence at high speed and helps you move along the traffic very easily. The car is equipped with ABS and airbags as standard in all variants.

The price is Rs. 3.89 to 5.45 lakh(ex-showroom) models: D-lite, era, magna, sportz, asta.


It is a budget family car that has all the important specifications necessary and is packed with features that make it stand apart from other automakers.

All new Suzuki Ertiga 2018

India is a city with tight and twisty roads and pits to add that take its toll on everyday drivers. The automobile industry is in constant struggle to create machines that are suitable for the Indian market and thus they have created the all new Maruti Suzuki Ertiga.

The car is remarkably good since the design is tweaked up making it better than the previous model. It comes with a sleek design and sharp patterns that make it look up to date in the sense of styling. The headlamps consist of sharper styling and the grill with chrome finish, the body lines run smoothly and the tail lamps have added on touches that resemble to the Ciaz design with the old Ertiga touch.

The interior looks fresh with wooden panel finish that runs through out the dash board from one edge to the another. The car is equipped with TFT screen with android auto and apple carplay along with reverse parking camera. Other features include climate control and charging ports. The interior space is increased with the larger body of the car and all the three rows have the option to recline which provides ample shoulder and leg room. The car has better space in terms of boot load due to the increased cabin size. There is 209 litres of cargo space with all the 7 seats occupied.

The car behaves remarkably good considering the Indian roads as it takes on the bumps and rough roads due to good ride quality offered by the suspension setting. The handling is not precise but does the job to keep up with the twisty lanes and winding sections. The steering does not feel heavy weighted but does its job in a decent manner.

Now the best bit is that the car is equipped with 1.5 litre petrol engine that churns out 103bhp and 138 NM of torque. The petrol engine seems to be refined and the noise from the engine bay cannot be heard inside not to say that its quite whereas the diesel engine is a 1.3 litre which puts out 876 horsepower with 200 NM of torque. The diesel engine is the same as the one in the previous model but with some tweaks. The pricing of the car is set up with regards to the indian market condition and to suit the indian buyers. The price starts from 7.44 lakh (ex showroom price) which is the base model and 10.99(ex showroom price) lakh with the Zdi variant which is the full option.

The specs:

Engine: 1462cc, 4cyl petrol & 1248cc diesel.

Transmission : manuel and automatic

Mileage: 18.69 kmpl (petrol) and 25.47 kmpl (diesel)

L×W×H : 4395×1735×1690 mm

Wheelbase: 2740 mm

Boot space: 209 litres

Fuel tank : 45 l

The final verdict: The car performs well and consists of luxury and comfort equipped with all the gizmos needed for the indian buyers.

At loneliest hours

Sometimes at the most loneliest hour, the watch glass pretends to run slow, as slow as the cunning politics between the thought how and when. For a while it goes like a carnival, and the merry-go-round which always starts from where it ends but that simply is the time that everyone goes through.

To be happy……

As compassion becomes a friend, negativity takes the road to a dead end. As love becomes compassion, negativity has no function. As hate becomes hasty to jump into action, negativity runs out of mansion, which is when a house turns into home and world becomes the heaven. Then it is time to realise that the sky shines the brightest and words fly to become finest in the sense of purity. Then what comes after this enlightenment is a life of joy and happiness. May your soul truly find yourself.

what is life worth and what is life without an experience!