The sun and the cloud .

The white vague forms form crimson lineing but don’t last because the sun is ever shineing.                                                     They take their leave to the unknown but yet asks the sun to grant their only wish to form the crimson lineing again.                     The sun promises the crimson lineing but in return asks to let him be more ever shineing and hence the holy clouds that carry the heavens above our heads agrees to the sun and then after, it all happened once again.

The mind and it’s million thoughts ! 

Words hold good in times of a mind that is hindered by the millionth thought so vast that it could hold an another millionth cast of deeds and epics of legendary Marvel’s that are shown in a sort of carnival of fun created by that guy who runs wires all through the body with no certainity of where it begins and ends but yet bind together the thoughts of repeated madness that one would put in use to make others understand “ohh history repeats”! 

This time a bit more aware,                             the mind plays well and fair                         of what could happen in the close future but thy God’s shall rein their temper upon the puny little greed that the man holds on but nevertheless​ he understands that it has no stand with the game of temper and it’s only good to leave it all behind just in time for the mind is so vast and it has the time to grab better of the madness than the greed that once again the man could write more poetry! 

So what does it all count up to the mind wanders and no time does it guess           that it’s poetry and poetry is indeed madness ! 

Poetry is madness and the mind let’s go of the millionth thought it had hold on to for he, the man wishes to write more. 

Story of a bike ride .

An afternoon spend under the scorching heat created by the natural oven, I return back with the 13 rupee for the usual metrorail ride to majestic and an another 10 rupee for the tickets of the humble bus that has it’s majestic grunt prevailed even after many years of rust and disintegration. It was an another normal day of fun even with the scorching heat waves produced by the little smiley over my head but said that the climate in Bangaluru  is pretty good and for the relief of mankind, light cool breeze plays around.I return back home and as usual I set my things like it’s my everyday routine, back to the place where they all belong. A little shower of rain had somehow cut the power supply and all I said to myself in my tiny little room is “bravo! Had to happen” but nevertheless I was not complaining but just said it as it suited the situation and you see one would start talking to oneself when he or she is alone just to keep away the bad and to pass on the plenty of time left. It was a good day though and since I liked to explore things, I decided to look out for good places nearby because I was new to this part of town and light was at its own liesure, gone away! After all the walking done I felt hungry and decide to have my dinner and so I went to an authentic place known best for it’s homely food from a very long time- ‘the Iyer mess’ which served hot food on a banana leaf .Bon appetit! 

A message pops up on my phone stating “let’s go” , and I figured it out that It would be my travel freak buddy and the nicest guy on earth Mr.Nikhil and yes it was indeed him. It was not unsual to see him stricking with a message that has no head or tail since I did the same with him or might be because we know our intentions clearly with no bias. All I ever replied to his same old text message was “yes I’ll get ready” and the next thing would be the rhythm of the sweet pistons played either by the note produced by his bike or mine!

We never decide where to go unless we reach a certain distance from either of our houses.This time it was then when we reached a fly over bridge that we decided that we shall head towards Andhra Pradesh. The bike roared down the highway and we were busy discussing issues with India’s ongoing automobile stratigies and new vehicles which are to be published next month. It was exciting and all I was bothered about was keeping a sequence of memories so that I could cherish later and hence I click pictures and take videos but at the same time I did not want to miss the view being busy intaking pictures. 
The view of the bridge with lamp posts glaring with orange light is a sight I always liked well yes Nikhil did too. He was fascinated with such sites sometimes better than me. It’s almost 12:00 pm that we left the city of Bangalore and the highway was hit with the sound of bullet at 1:00 am . It was a customary practise by us to drink coffee or tea before we go further ahead and if one would ask why, I really don’t know. Perhaps to run away from cold weather or to just grab a seat to chit chat.
It was Nikhil driving for the first 70km or 
so and the rest me I guess, well we didn’t keep count of the kilometer reading. The mountains run past us both the sides, off the road and the night turns out to be some sort of humble house for ‘silence‘,the music played. Crazy night indeed but we had forgotten the part where the mistress runs dry after each kilometer and so we look out for a petrol bunk and as usual when you need one, you won’t find one! 

The situation was turning out to be worse infact we freaked out a bit but all came to a halt when a light far away projects out the bold letters stating ‘Indian oil’ . What a relief and with a quick fill our mistress and our smiles were turned on. 

The ride was indeed a pleasure to say but the high beams that glared ,burst out our eyes from the socket wasn’t a pleasure. People really need to be taught the use of high beams and the low beam lights and there are a bunch of losers who use fog lamps when there is no fog which again puts a torch light parade on the streets that the eyes won’t bare to look at. With such convorsations about lights and what not, we reached roads probably not taken by anyone and now things started to tense up so we started to focus around us whether we would find any looters who are ready to jack us up, just to keep a fare warning.

All these crazy things continued and we finally reached the hairpin road, oh yes I was driving till then and it was time for his shift and so Nikhil takes over from there onwards. It was pitch black darkness and if one were to be in our position, all he or she could think of is when it is going to happen!( The looters that might pounce upon us.) What could possibly be worst than a friend who makes you double scared by stating that he or she is terrified as a result of which you become double scared. Well that’s us on the move in hope that somebody nice would be there at the end of that road. This thought was there within our mind till the last hairpin curve and what a relief it was to see some light from buildings which were actually cottages and a government guest house. We went in the hope to find hot coffee but the man behind the counters pointed at the clock and asked what the heck are you guys talking about! Yes it was 3 am but there are places which served coffee even at that time you barbaric animal was the thought i had in my mind and yes, I figured out that Nikhil would be thinking the same too and he did….

We were told to sit at a temple placed few blocks away since we were there at an unusual time he states and so without making no points we did move away from there. Right across the temple was a bus stop which looked like a horrible place for someone to be at that point of time since it was dark and had shadows playing around in a pattern along with the breeze blown all over the place. We were utterly scared for life. A jungle with no body around was not enough to scare us I think until when we saw a man covered with  an old rag smoking weed. The orange flame at the tip of the cigarette did not brighten the place but made it much scary! 

Time passed on with our talks about our childhood. The creeps we met and the jokes that we cracked and what not. Talking about old friends and their whereabouts is fun indeed and friends stating that they had met an old friend coincidentally is much more fun to hear. So our multiple idiotic conversations went on till 6 am and suddenly an old man comes to the temple gates. It clearly looked like he was the caretaker of that place. He looks at us with a smile and asks where we are coming from and so we answered. The man knew English and so he explains the place and it’s history. Both of us were Glad to see a person like that early that morning and we saw light falling over the lush greenary that looked scary with it’s darkness a few hours ago. The time was 7 am and let me tell you that the scary bus stop, the old buildings and cottages, the jungle did not look scary at all now and what we learned from this trip is that love works exactly the same way. Sometimes the things that look the most scary will be the things that would have played a crucial role in one’s life .It was time to get going and we drove to the view point and said our goodbyes to the trees and plants and birds that were our companions for that night of darkness that turned out to be the sun that waits to be set for a new dawn! 

Dream sweet dream !

As the light dims and the shadow falls,     I walk up to my sweet ride with bed sheet put over my forehead and darkness cast my eyes,                                                         that breaks thousands of nostalgia into one night each day that I see,                     is fascinating indeed with all the tranquility I get ,                                               I reach a sacred place with all sort of tantrum one could see! 
Here I am now as a humble desciple, a teacher , a naughty kid and sometimes a big man baby!

Sometimes a firefighter , a pilot and even a coast guard, I would be happy with all that I could be that one night each day that I am glad to see

 ohh what an eccentric feel of lush green bed that I sometimes see just laying down on my bed oh sweet bed! 

Dreams come flying and the next thing that remember is a day I wait ahead for the next ride on my bed ! 

the restoration….finally


I don’t know about you guys but heck yes I figured it all out. I know what I want now and what I always wanted. The day when I decided to be someone else and tried to adjust according to other’s specs was the day I started to mess up! It took this silly goose inside me to find its way out some time but yes, it made through. I am not that kind of person who can be bound by asking to sit and watch a shooting start but a person who would want to shoot fireworks in the same sky. I am that person who would like to play with nerf and shoot at my best friend living next door. I made a huge mistake by throwing myself into a train wreck. Whatever it is I know what I need. I figured it out when I thought about it and every time I was alone I did stuff that made me pretty happy. Happiness was discovered through my little road trip but the next level of happiness is to be what you are whether it is to even be silly. It never happened to me that I could never be something else and growing up sucks. It took a heck of a big sledge hammer to break open that chest but boy I am surprised with the result. Whatever it is I did need to tweak up some things and now I feel that I have a fine tuned brain, a lunatic one cause I am the lunatic fringe!

To the unseen #3


The green landscape with its ever rejuvenating power along with the tall brown trunks that spreads its share of glory on earth with the little bush like feature that we call as the  lush green leaves has and will always be my weakness but what is more interesting is the shattered chandelier that falls above with a bright white pattern that reaches the earth’s surface .When theses two features come together ,then its heaven people. Its my yoga, physical exercise to keep my mind and body cool or lets put it in this way that it is when i think! My trip with my little lady was turning tiresome as she is not sort of the easy kind. Well I decided to meet my cousins and it turned out really good. It reminded me of how I was and what they had to say was that I haven’t changed a bit which is good news to my ears. Life is pretty neat sometimes but most of it is just worst and the worse happens when you make the choice of doom. “Doomsday never goes away” ha ha but sometimes you would have to realize that its how everyone’s life works and its also important to know that happiness is created not formed on its on. It was a good trip and it taught me many things, what I should be and how i should do things but then the only question that lay before me is whether i would be better or remain just the way I am. I do not believe it matters because either of it would do good rather than being nothing in a world of something.


The district of ‘Allapuzha’ is really amazing. Kuttanad is really a fascinating place known for the boat houses but all that was secondary because I had a great time at my cousins place like never before . The sad part is that I was not able to take enough pictures as time was running short  but that does not matter to me much because I witnessed some things which are only meant to me be seen. Pleasure to my eyes only.IMG-20170502-WA0002


I am a true follower of mother nature and so i witnessed her sadness and anger too. On my way back to Mysore I saw a forest fire triggered by some dude who was filthy stupid. At one bend of the road I saw something unusual which was a road block since road block in deep jungle is something really unusual. It was two trees that hugged on each other and looked as if Romeo and Juliet were actually crying seeing their death coming closer each moment. It surely was natures way of tick for tack bitch. It took an hour for the fire force to come as the poor fire truck had a long way up by which i mean the hairpin roads. It doused the fire and removed the trees out of the way .I do believe that it was natures tactics of protecting those poor animals from burning to death in the night like a torch. The roads slowly cleared and I reached home sweet home after a two hour delay. Truly it was a great trip and I learned a lot. A lot that i needed, a lot that many expected and a lot that I believe that I might have retrieved after this write up.

what is life worth and what is life without an experience!