Justification of life – the burning soul. 

Way above the green top,
We brief about that sand storm, the sand which could destroy everything, the little bits of grain that we eat, the flower we smell, the grave that we cry upon and what not.
The beautiful scars will be filled with them; the sand that burns and does not leave to rot. The pain would persist but do not bother to wipe it off that shelf of history that seems a mystery for we fear the past but past does not fear, but only remember to appraise it to let it be a passion towards the near future. A motivation that seems vague but yet effective in its on way, beware of the great danger for it can lead you to be a mad dog, like that sand storm that destroyed everything, the grain, the leaves that were turned brown and most importantly remember that soul that is now to be dusted back to its beauty.
Let it get burned again under fire but this time remember that it would become a glass, a transparent object that could be read with the unforsaken fortunes- The love, the sadness, the fear…..
You shall now be a man for pain has no meaning but simply a term used for emptiness.


A lost pearl. 

The search for the best,                                has always been at the crust,                      the crust in search for my supreme world.                                                              The ever enchantment of this world of that I speak has a spot only in my state of consciousness afterall it is in the eyes of the beholder that percives everything the world presents.

The search for the best,                                has always been at the crust,                      the crust of my heart.                                Being honest is my only good virtue but I seem to pity it for it is a god forsaking act.  The supreme! I still cannot figure out the distance to yet perceive the purge of confusion; love.

The search of the best has always been at crust within this chest of nothingness, but you my dear were all this time right before this individual unforgivable soul who could not bear your appraised feet on the palm of mistakes that has turned into blunders of the unforgiven soul,                for the act of kindness that was ignored,  your truthful eyes that gilter of no lust which was shadowed by my unfaithfulness and for this soul that has presented to you not love but misery that counts onto your already added up priorities.

Last Supper! 

A vessel of gruel and a box for which a price is paid for eternity dreams to be seen to thousand more years to come is why that foot takes loads of crap from the unconditional appraisal  of dick and pussy out in the heaven thy they believe that the foot could make horrible but still it seems a necessity to the born to—-
“Its wrong to be different  is it? Well where are your table manners? Eat slow or else you could die! Its not yet time.” 

Begin your supper! 

Rewind to reach the wonder wall.

Rewind a few secs of a timeline, reach the point of illness, become the fugitive to write fate and get stuck in every crippled sticky note dumped in the basket but yet recovered as thoughts that never go away .

Right away a night appears with days of darkness bound to that timeline. Never does it cure from the mind of dead time.

The illness persists as days go by, but can’t you resist the time that is shy ,shy of making a reality within a reality go by the time that is never to die for I never wish to see that time, the time of departure that is to arrive in some time.

The mountain that lay dead .

The mist covers me,
the dust irritates me,
the things live on me
and the mocking tales give me that creep.
I lay above everything but not everything,
I see the dawn and I see the dusk,
I lay flat but uneven
and I see the beauty of the sky from many seasons.

I am seen in many dreams,
I have been taught many lessons
in the seasons put forth by the countless people
that stay far beyond the Galaxy
so that the people on earth will never hear from them
and yet you put beyond the thoughts of heaven on Earth
while I suffer as them that you call God’s believed in mercy

so said the people on Earth knew what meaning is given to brutality
when I seem to be driven to destruction by the happenings over me
as I lay dead below the the sky that I have been looking from the past centuries.
I am the mountain,
the mountain that you say heaven on Earth
while I am being killed mercilessly.

A house of cards


A house of cards waiting to be blown away,
has life within its four walls made of cards.
The life within is a boy of 12 who fears the ever blowing breeze of insanity.
The base is too young to hold the bloody wind,
the whole house of cards wait to be gobbled upon by the wind.
Nobody to help the sane kid who now fears of being a stray
who could wander to the unknown ends of insanity.

A house of cards waiting to be blown away,
has a young boy I say again,
with his fear of wind that persists
he is ready to walk out to insanity he insists.
I wonder what the boy would be going through
is not what the crowd would think through,
the minds that do not love sanity,
will only have time for insanity
and sympathy is just not found
oh! I pity that crowd.

A house of cards waiting to be blown away,
could be yours next anyway,
if you need to protect it ,
head to the nearest mind,
A mind with the same kind of house of cards waiting to be blown away!
the rest I need not say
because its you and your powers that shall act upon the vast mind
with the house of cards waiting to be blown away…….

The sun and the cloud .

The white vague forms form crimson lineing but don’t last because the sun is ever shineing.                                                     They take their leave to the unknown but yet asks the sun to grant their only wish to form the crimson lineing again.                     The sun promises the crimson lineing but in return asks to let him be more ever shineing and hence the holy clouds that carry the heavens above our heads agrees to the sun and then after, it all happened once again.

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