A bit about the bog I am in …..


Drum!drum!,I would like to drum!
But the thing about me is that I don’t want to be the next Donald Trump !!

With that I mean I don’t want to be the trumpets and grand piano or the Mozart and all sort of things to help seek my success to all, in this case no success!!

I know this poem is dumb,like Donald trump,
And you all must be wondering why I critize about Donald Trump?
The answer for that would be “cause thats what I like to do !!

15 thoughts on “A bit about the bog I am in …..”

  1. What ever floats your boat sir. My beloved Mother always said: “If you can give it, hopefully you are also able to take it.” Thankfully, you are doing your thing on your blog where you can do your thing however you want, and Trump is doing his thing however he is doing his thing. I believe we each have a purpose in this life. We can only fulfill our purpose from where we are, with what we know right now. Maya Angelou said: “When we know better, we do better.” We know not what the future holds for each of us. But I hope we will grow and learn to be all we were meant to be. After all, why else have a physical body?

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    1. Yes I do agree with that and it’s something like not being criticized but some things what is done by Trump is not right and after all ,if he becomes the president ,then he must know his flaws and also the good side cause good and bad has to be known for a good ruling in democracy !! Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts …thank-you again

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