Ooru and the world (analysis)

The idea of name change is a symbolic step to kannadization. The root language that exists in the state which is kannada is closely related to the concept of culture which is fading away slowly with the introduction of the idea of globalization that comes with the establishment of different companies. The brand value of the city is stated with the consideration of language as a basis for the creation of the idea of brand value. The term “banglore” stand in close relation with the western culture and language English which has set a standard that is in acceptance of the westerners hence resulting in a hub for companies and their market with respect to their likings. The association with the western culture with the usage of the term banglore has value that is judged to be supreme. In countries like India, the western civilization and their culture is in more acceptance rather than ones own root culture and the term banglore stands as a symbol for the acceptance of the western culture with its slang. The earlier mentioned idea of acceptance of such culture is the reason why the term bangluru was rejected according to Ananthamaurthy. Ananthamurthy explains why people hate the idea of re-naming the term. According to him people have forgotten their root culture which is kannada with the impact of the language English which is seen superior to all other languages and the medium of conversations but this was just one reason because banglore has become the IT hub and people seeking employment have now resided here alienating the root language and culture hence the idea emerged to change the term banglore to bangaluru to create space for the kannada culture to re emerg. This act of kannadization was to bring the nostalgia back and also in the belief that the language would not be abandoned since there would be its usage with at least minimal impact. This act of kannadization it to remind of the culture for it could be passed on from one generation to another. Ananthamurthy also suggested that all the schools and colleges that teach major subjects must also be taught in kannada so that the culture sustains. Hence he believed in such methods to project and retain the glory of kannada language through the act that he calls “kannadization”.

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