Know how to know what life means!

Where the end comes is where possibilities of enriching oneself and rejuvenating begins, where the mind dies is the spot to grow new thoughts, beliefs, social circles and discovering new you.

The centre of the earth is always hot while the exterior part remains cold and just like that when life is completely filled with problems, complete your life with ease and gentleness because gentleness creates an eye for details and details lead to answers of what we all think, all the time – “what is life.”

Start writing to know yourself better, start writing to know freedom that you ask, start writing to let out your fears of not being identified as the binary that is conditioned, start writing to feather touch dreams, start writing to pain your minds wall of dreams, start writing to know others, start writing to create new possibilities and start writing to not become something you are not.

When one stands ignored, stop pleasing and start creating words of wisdom like I am doing now.

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