Why one should prefer making friends outside the stupid box.

Little force of stress climb up from the feet, the legs, the thighs, the stomach, the chest and finally on to the head. What started as a process of change has not completely gone in vain, I see myself as a victim of disorders but at the same time do not feel sympathized about myself. I try creating new content so that I

could enjoy along with others.

It seems that social media websites have created a space in which people only produce content that makes a cover for them to hide the real self.

Lets think about it for a while and reflect to ourself that social media has indeed been such a platform that produces a virtually different atmosphere and idea about people, their characteristics, personality and much more.

There was a time when we had felt the true essence of people, their charisma and energy in full exposure in the real world but I would not like to discredit the fact that social media has opened to a far more advanced state where one could find friends. Friends is just a fancy term now, an accessory because we can now create a social circle where we dot know the person but know the person meaning that we have friends in our friend list that we do not even know. If one would have to ask me why then the answer would be that people seek pleasure and fun in acquiring followers for the purpose of being famous. It is the truth which nobody accepts. You could come up with the argument that it could be also to get enough people to like your work simply to prove your talent but all that rounds up to the fact that today everyone believes that success is in being rich and having lots of followers that you lead.

I know of friends that have met with the help of dating applications and I totally accept the fact that good friends could be found or happen as I would like to say with access to social media but their is always the lack of real life interactions and communications that matters in connecting with people outside the bubble that has been created by the social media. To enter into a good company requires good skill in communication but again I do not deny the fact that there are people who do well in both the virtual and real world. To such people I would like to say “keep on going with what what you do” because it is okay for them but what I am trying to point out is the others who lack the motivation to simply talk. You may ask “how do you know?” well the answer would be that “I am one of them. ”

All in all, what I am humbly suggesting is to try seeking friends out side the social media world so that you could have a better sense of connection with people that will help you in removing your depression, anxiety because you would feel that you belong somewhere and hope for a shoulder to cry upon rather than a keyboard and a mouse pad.

19 thoughts on “Why one should prefer making friends outside the stupid box.”

      1. My article is about an individual and his or his problem of not communicating with others… It assumes a position in which there is a wife, maybe even a pet even though not prescribed.

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      1. Oh sorry, I am a person from analog times without Google-Maps which makes me crazy sometimes and is also misleading from time to time although it can be quite helpful. Well, in my car I have always a road atlas in paperform because I am accustomed to it. There are also maps in paperform to be unfolded for hiking trails which show you for example all the contour lines and heights of landscapes, hills or mountains. In smartphones all is quite tiny, for people with a certain age forced to wear glasses not so practical sometimes.

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      2. Interestingly, I have a friend who keeps a map to pin point the places she visits around the world. It is really interesting to see people who are old school and well that is totally cool. I too have an atlas book and a book from 1960’s that has all the authentic places in it of my country.

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  1. Life has blessed me with so many wonderful friends and none of them came from social media. Some people only have that kind of online connection for personal reasons, but I cherish friendship to those who stood by and with me without question or reservation. It’s an incredible experience to know and have that in one’s life. The web can’t replace humanity.

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