How to be happy. The real answer!

In the darkest of the darkest hours of your life, you must understand that happiness is not an illusion but it is something best experienced when shared. The river never flows backwards and the sun doesn’t stop shining and so is happiness which will persist with you even at your last breath. Happiness can be witnessed with only willingness, happiness will shout back at you in the form of a lonely warrior that is eager to serve his kingdom. Remember that happiness is discovered only when you share love. That is all you need to know in life.

Thank you for your time that you have served yourself in seeking happiness. Here is your answer to all the questions of your life. Share happiness and you will seek the true meaning of what life is. It does not matter who you share it with, it could be to your pet, nature, family, friends or only to your one and only friend. Happiness can be shared even when you are alone. It could be shared with an inanimate object as long as you are sharing. Believe me that its not crazy and it will keep you happy. For example you could share your happiness towards your car by driving it or cleaning it so that you could pass it on to somebody somewhere maybe who is in much need than yourself. Simplicity is an another alternative to be happy.

Live, laugh, share.

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