Love or being blind, doesn’t matter anymore cause they both are the same


Attaboy I hear! Someone crept into my brain my dear..attaboy my dear  said back my dear ,or I wonder it might be one of those ballistic moments like the rest of all !!

A feel of pain and quite a shiver down my spine, not the goose bumps that I had earlier perhaps due to joy but now it’s a cruel and cold shiver , quite uncertain of what it is !

By brain called out again, dear ! Attaboy my dear ,all would end once and a bright tunnel would be seen, a light from the distance ,something like a heavenly star waiting for ones glory to be shined just the way it did !. But again an another voice in my brain said and to be mentioned this time an uncertain failure is waiting ,and a bit of doubt arises .
Glory or death
By death I mean failure !
Is that all it could have been?
Is it all that I have done?
Was it for nothing ?
Again my brain shouts !
And finally
LOVE or Being BLIND ?


“lets jeep” a thought of Nehru Ji with the jeep scam of 1948…..


INDIA a land of multiple tradition and culture has something else special to add, right from the day one of independence which is “CORRUPTION”.One could say that INDIA defines corruption but no,it is wrong ,it is with some of the so called true INDIAN’S that defines corruption with their dirty minds .

NOW a question arises from where did it all start from heck with that but where this idea of corruption came in , well the answer of it is simply nothing but the dirty minds and greed for money and if i am not wrong power may too have brought in this concept .


THE first scam that brought in to the humble minds of Indians was “the jeep scam of 1948” which is widely related to THE  FIRST PRIME MINISTER of India but most importantly to V.K KRISHNA MENON then the Indian high commissioner to Britain who neglected the protocols that must have been followed as a routine at such situations or rather say scenario.

Govind Ballabh Pant the then Home Minister and the then Government of Indian National Congress announced on 30 September 1955 that the Jeep scandal case was closed for judicial inquiry ignoring suggestion by the Inquiry Committee led by Ananthsayanam Ayyangar.[6] He declared that “as far as Government was concerned it has made up its mind to close the matter. If the opposition was not satisfied they can make it an election issue” references  from wikipedia.

“that was a political statement made by Govind Ballabh Pant , just to be MENTIONED “”Mahatma Gandhi’s Personal Secretary Mr. U V Kalyanam, in a newspaper interview  said, “It is pertinent to mention here that Nehru made corrupt colleagues like Krishna Menon, who was involved in the infamous ‘jeep scam’ while he was the Defence Minister.”reference from “On Your Marks”. Outlook (India). 1 February 2010. 


A day of chance>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


“Ohh the shiver that went through my SPINE “is not the way it happened to me this time which is the usual way for me, once had stage fear and meeting new people !!sounds pity and an unsorted mind of mine to some well not anymore. Its my first day at college, all new in fact everything ,as i was from an another place ,well to be noted that i used the word “was” as it is not anymore cause now that i have settled down into this new and wonderful city which is none other than the “Elite Banglore”where i entered with a bang !and now after this long i already feel that i am at home sweet home.


Now the college , well to be frank i don’t know where to begin with but like everyone one else i too came up to this great college called as the ‘Jain university’ with great ambitions and one thing that i am sure of in my whole life that too for the first time is that i am sure of something for the first time ! enough with the fun right? well i am sure of what? is the next question? with no worries i will answer that its my ambitions! what are the ambitions! well foremost to become an automobile journalist and then comes the most important one to make heck lots of friends and  a place to shed and forget the weight on my wings and finally a place for my wings where i could say “GO TIGER” ,look out for my hunt and then put flames to that wings of mine , to be mentioned in a good way so as to aspire more……..well i know that i have got great friends for now ..which is what i wanted!!!!13714270_1561984327438732_2066569692_n.jpg


The scenario !present past and future will always be …….

On one side ,well waffles !! Maybe a bit of hot chocolate and some pie and lots of other stuff ! A cozy blanket and a couch to kick back , a TV in front and damp, dark room indeed is what we see .
On the other side ,blankets made out of torn papers and a pair of scissor, a hard bench which is as good as a rock that cures pain and creates pain and an old park with Lillie’s and trees that bring out the beauty in being in shade is what the poor see .
How dumb well u know what’s further this line !
So me not telling much would like you all to see …not that Mr Trump is dumb but what this all means and how much more STUPID he could be ?


The legendary Chevrolet Corvette…..

To find the point of birth of the looks and styling of the Chevy Corvette it is really become a necessity to all those who find the mistress special on road even today, to go back to the era where the little idea bought in a revolution in the car industry .There she stands with her head high in the “Kerbeck Corvette museum”located in New York city, THE EX-122 basically the C1 generation Corvette .

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Guru’s way ..

A Teacher ! Or guru is compared to the knowledge of seven seas , a blossom full of lilies, sometimes even to the craftmans work ! A bit far fetched thinking perhaps.

The truth now gentlemen , is that! that is not how it is but i presume a turt of those military tanks to just be it .

Funny maybe to some but deeper u try to see, it is the truth !

Right from the ages of war “the world war” to be precise , showed us that by pointing it to the enemy would shackle him, pulling the trigger may sound harsh but it indeed thought us not to wage war .

Now by that I proved that teachers do sometimes be the turt on the tanks !!sounds stupid and horrible some even  say might be an  insult .

But folks it isn’t that but a guru points you towards your goal like the turt mounted on to the tank which seems deadly and scary but for a fact it is to only bring enlightment to one .

In simple let’s keep this blunder aside .it’s only for a bright tomorrow they be harsh today .

It’s simply LIFE .




what is life worth and what is life without an experience!