The legendary Chevrolet Corvette…..

To find the point of birth of the looks and styling of the Chevy Corvette it is really become a necessity to all those who find the mistress special on road even today, to go back to the era where the little idea bought in a revolution in the car industry .There she stands with her head high in the “Kerbeck Corvette museum”located in New York city, THE EX-122 basically the C1 generation Corvette .

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Guru’s way ..

A Teacher ! Or guru is compared to the knowledge of seven seas , a blossom full of lilies, sometimes even to the craftmans work ! A bit far fetched thinking perhaps.

The truth now gentlemen , is that! that is not how it is but i presume a turt of those military tanks to just be it .

Funny maybe to some but deeper u try to see, it is the truth !

Right from the ages of war “the world war” to be precise , showed us that by pointing it to the enemy would shackle him, pulling the trigger may sound harsh but it indeed thought us not to wage war .

Now by that I proved that teachers do sometimes be the turt on the tanks !!sounds stupid and horrible some even  say might be an  insult .

But folks it isn’t that but a guru points you towards your goal like the turt mounted on to the tank which seems deadly and scary but for a fact it is to only bring enlightment to one .

In simple let’s keep this blunder aside .it’s only for a bright tomorrow they be harsh today .

It’s simply LIFE .




what is life worth and what is life without an experience!